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Welcome to Bolmen - more than an IKEA toilet brush

Lake Bolmen

…is truly something more than just a toilet brush. We welcome visitors from all over the world to experience this beautiful, clean and magical lake.

Life by the lake

Naturally the lake is suitable for boating, swimming and fishing. We call it one of Smålands blue-green lungs and we used to say that there are as many islands in the lake as there are days - 365. The largest island is connected to the mainland by a bridge from one side and a ferry from the other.

Cyckling and hiking

Experience Bolmen from a bike or by foot - shimmering water, deep forests, open fields and memorials from a prehistoric time by graves, runestones and even remains of an ancient castle from the 1300s century.

History, myths and legends

We are very proud of our history and there are many traces from settlements that can be traced back to the stone age. An old myth says that only giants used to live on the island Bolmsö. Once a giant threw a large boulder towards the church since the giant hated the sound of the church bell. Fortunately the giant missed and the boulder is today one of the most mysterious places in the area.

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Lake District

There are four counties around lake Bolmen - Värnamo, Gislaved, Hylte and Ljungby. Each of these counties have their own specialities. Click the links below to discover each one of them.